Who is Joe Heskett?   

Morris Morrison 

Entertainer, author, and motivational speaker, Morrison Morrison left corporate america to pursue his dream as entrepreneur, consultant, and inspirational public figure. Morris, President and CEO of Morris Morrison, is one of the fastest growing motivational speakers in America. 

The Introspective Process 

Jenna MacDowell, MBA

With over a decade of experience in corporate america, Jenna specializes in project management, strategic implementation, and organizational efficiency. Due to her sharp analytical skills and systematic approach, Jenna has been recognized many times as a top performer throughout her professional career. 

Kristen Dieffenbach, Ph.D. 

Specializing in long term athlete development, Kristen is a national expert in the areas of both coaching education and research. Assessment, data, and metrics are also key areas within her expertise. Kristen is the President for the United States Center of Coaching Excellence (USCCE) and is on the research committee for the International Council of Coaching Excellence (ICCE). 

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Our Commitment

Mike Disabato 

Entrepreneur extraordinaire, Mike has founded several successful companies including an MMA clothing company that went from an idea into Walmart Stores nationwide. An advocate for athlete rights, Mike is currently launching the College Football Players Club. Working with some of the largest corporations in America, Mike understands that business without leadership will fail the test of greatness. 

Chris Masters

A successful career at Adidas has helped to catapult Chris into a successful business consultant who has worked with some of the best brands in America. A powerful communicator and relationship builder Chris has positioned himself as one of the most strategic and respected organizational consultants in the country.