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Who is Joe Heskett? 

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Often people observe the successes of others and yet they fail to recognize and understand the details and sacrifices associated that success. Success is rooted in a developmental process, a process that embodies clarity, competence, and commitment. The youth of today need structure, introspection, and a personalized plan. Beyond The Mat will not only help your loved one optimize their sport potential, but more importantly, through skilled coaching and teaching, they will learn how to critically think, self-reflect, evaluate, and revise, which will increase self-understanding and personal direction. Beyond The Mat will provide the “how” to both sport and life success! 


The executive coaching and mentorship model consists of private wrestling instruction and individualized mentorship by world class coach, scholar, and leadership professional Joe Heskett. Individualized or small group instruction is a tremendous opportunity for athletes to gain substantial knowledge for self-improvement. Rooted in processes of leadership and introspection, Beyond The Mat is designed for the holistic development of your loved one.  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be coached and mentored by one of America's finest, Joe Heskett. Below are the coaching and mentorship options. Due to demand not all of these options are currently available. 

Individual Instruction: Individual instruction is available. Please email for more information and details. 

Small Group Instruction: This is an ideal way to spend time and learn from one of the world's best. Small group instruction consists of groups of 4, 6, or 8. If you have a small group or question about small group instruction please email for more information and details. 

Hammer Camps: Looking for intensity? Hammer Camp is all about challenging each wrestler both physically and mentally. These camps are limited to 30 youth hammers (ages 7-14) ready for a great weekend of wrestling. Hammer Camp's will be scheduled Friday's 6-8pm and Saturday 8-10am and 11-1pm. For more information  on location, cost, and schedule or if you are interested in hosting a camp please email 

Developmental Camps: Learning the right positioning and techniques are critical to future success in the sport of wrestling. Developmental Camp is a great way for all youth, regardless of skill level, to work on fundamentals and establish a foundation that will support ideal developmental growth. These camps are limited to 40 youth (ages 7-14) ready to enhance their understanding of the sport. Developmental Camp's will be scheduled Friday's 6-8pm and Saturday 8-10am and 11-1pm. For more information on location, cost, and schedule or if you are interested in hosting a camp please email

Satellite Camps: Looking for a world class athlete, coach, and teacher to instruct a practice, camp, or clinic? Joe Heskett will come to you. Please email for more information and details. 

✔ Individualized world class coaching on wrestling techniques and strategies 
✔ Developing a growth mindset through a customized developmental framework process 
✔ Increased confidence, perspective, and clarity of personal goals  
✔ Remote coaching sessions via telephone or Skype
✔ Application of your Athletic Transferrable Skills (teamwork, strategy, sacrifice, dedication, preparation etc.)
✔ Preparedness for life (time management, decision making/decision, dealing with adversity, college preparation, etc.)

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The Introspective Process